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V-belt works on the principle of the wedge and relies on tension to creat friction on the sidewall of the sheave to rransmit power.


Rubber timing belts are rubber based timing belts manufactured with high quality materials and unique fabrication technology. Especially sutiable for linear motion systems, typically applies in high load capacity, low noise and no maintenance make this belt a perfect performance in linear motion systems.


Polyurethance open end timing belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethance. It has strong anit-wear. The various of reinforce cord ensure the running capability in the driving. It has small production tolerance. Polyurethance open end timing belt has the reliable transmission and the fine size stability. A layer of nylon can be added in the tooth face and or back in order to guarantee the running specialty in the special applications, also can added a thick layer of polyurethance in the back of the belt to resist corrosion or high loading.


According to properties of the thermoplastic, endless belts are jointed from open end belt and can be produced to any length by welding. The finished joint is resistant to fatigue from flexing and tension, due to the unique symmetrical Vee shaped pattern of the joint.

Endless jointed belts are suitable for conveying applications, particularly when indexing and/or positive drive is required. Supplementary application of flights, profiles and coating is possible, to suit specific applications


High speed flate belts is composed of superficial layer firm layer and firction layer, which have the characters of high strength, less strectch, good flexibility steady shift high buffer and damping capacity good wear and oil resistance, antistatic, high transmit effficiency it is suitable for thehigh speed transmission with the highest standards of quality and anextensive variety of products, we really get things moving our high efficency flate belts is ideal for high power transmission while further tasks are best fullfilled by spindle tapes, blower tapes and round belts for special applications seamless power tansmission belts gurantee the highest.


Industial conveyor belts find use in a wide range of applications in various industries high performance industrial conveyor belts used in transmission, linear positioning, converying and ratary positioning.

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